St George's Church of England Academy

‘Growing up together in Newtown'


The curriculum at St. George’s C of E Academy Newtown is designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and the specific pastoral and academic needs of our children. A strong emphasis is placed on speaking, listening, reading, writing and mathematics.

Our children's learning is based on a cross curricular thematic approach supported by 'Cornerstones'.  We believe this is the best way to provide a truly integrated approach to learning, along with developing skills to prepare our children for the wider world. Most of our themes are taught half-termly; some larger themes may last for a term.  Where a subject does not fit into a theme, this is taught separately. 

Staff will teach the curriculum considering the needs of all learners.   Many of our themes include cross-curricular links such as health education and environmental studies, always taking into account equal opportunities. Staff take into consideration  the varying abilitiesof children, using both whole class and group teaching strategies. Our work is carefully structured so that each year,  the children’s knowledge and skills are reinforced and extended. Extra support is available for those children who have additional needs.

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is taught in our Reception classes and supports the prime and specific areas of learning. We have carefully planned our skills-based curriculum to provide a wide range of exciting and stimulating opportunities for the children to develop in all of the following areas:

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development



Understanding the world

Expressive Arts and Design

We have planned topics that we will teach the children across the year, but we also take into consideration the children’s interests at all times to make their learning fun and to keep them engaged.  

We have a whole school approach to our work, with all staff working closely together enabling each child to make an easy progression from one year to the next. We support any children who may require other work to overcome barriers to learning.


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