St George's Church of England Academy

‘Growing up together in Newtown'

Year 6

Your Work for Summer Term June and July


Task 1 - ‘I am a Champion’ - Compulsory and completed first.

Now complete any two of these each week. 

Task 2 - ‘How did it all start?’                                      Task 3 - ‘Where in the world?’

Task 4 - ‘How to be the best?’                                     Task 5 - ‘Who is your hero?’

Task 6 - ‘Who’s top of the board?’                            Task 7 – ‘What’s in a design?’     

Task 8 – ‘What characteristics make you an Olympian?’

Task 9 – ‘On your marks, get set ….. record’               Task 10 – ‘Can you train an Olympian?’

Task 11 – ‘Do all Olympians look the same?’                Task 12 – ‘What rings?’

Resources for Project Work


Parents Letter for Project Work

Task 3 World Map

Task 4 Body Plan



Home Learning Resources 

Year 6 Maths Home Learning Pack

Year 6 SATS Buster Home Learning Pack

Additional Learning Resources