Pupil Premium


Schools receive extra funding through Pupil Premium for every child registered as eligible for free school meals (FSM) at any point in the past six years and children in care who have been looked after for six months. approximately 52% of our school population fall into this category- the National figure is 15.4% (DFE-Schools, Pupils and their characteristics 27/6/19)


For the Academic Year 2018-19, St Georges received £223,080 Pupil Premium funding. Please click the link below to find how we have allocated this funding.  The effectiveness of how this allocation is spent will be monitored through the year, and a final report produced in July 2019.


Please click the links below for allocation and evaluation of impact of Pupil Premium spend in previous years.

Pupil Premium review  2019-20

Pupil Premium review 2018-19

Pupil Premium review 2017-18

Pupil Premium review 2016-17

Pupil Premium review 2015-16

Pupil Premium review 2014-15

Pupil Premium review 2013-14

Pupil Premium review 2012-13


We also have a Pupil Premium Policy, which sets out our aims and objectives about how we allocate Pupil Premium funding.  The Policy can be accessed by clicking here.