St George's Church of England Academy

‘Growing together in Newtown' - Lifelong Aspirations, Lifelong Prospects

Welcome to Year 3!

Our Year 3 team consists of Mr Knowles, Miss Okosun and Miss Molloy.

Life becomes a little different in Key Stage 2. It is a great chance for the children to become more independent as they learn new routines.  Throughout the year, we will be exploring topics including ‘Settlements', 'Stone, Bronze and Iron Age', 'Europe', 'Climate Zones and Biomes' and 'Ancient Greeks'.

We will be incorporating school trips to enhance the children’s learning and welcome visitors into school that link to these topics.

Your child's learning in Year 3 - Spring Term

Barashada cunugaada sanadka 3 Xilliga Gu'ga

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