St George's Church of England Academy

‘Growing together in Newtown' - Lifelong Aspirations, Lifelong Prospects


Welcome to Year 5. 

The Year 5 team is Mrs McIntosh, Mrs Mardenborough , Miss Naz and Mr Adan.   

In Year 5 our aim is to develop the children’s independence and perseverance so they become confident learners and are ready for the challenges of Year 6. 

Throughout the year we will explore topics including ‘Anglo-Saxons and Scots’, ‘Vikings’, ‘Asia: Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes’, ‘Baghdad and the Middle East,’ and ‘The Industrial Revolution’. 

We will plan school trips and visits to the local community to enhance the children’s learning. 

Your child's learning in Year 5 - Spring Term

Barashada cunugaada sanadka 5 Xilliga Gu'ga

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